Updates from Around the World | May/June 2019

Hi friends!

Like April, May and June have continued to be busy months. So busy, that I didn’t send out a newsletter last month (oops!) and am now combining two months of updates into one. Spring is always a busy season for our team, and this one has been particularly eventful. I want to thank you for our ongoing prayers and financial support of this ministry – we are seeing the fruit and excited for the future!
I am currently looking for additional financial partners – if that’s something that’s been on your mind, please let me know as I would love to share more with you!



MAY 1 – 7, 2019 // After spending some time in Colombia, Mayra (YFC Latin America Area Director) and I travelled to Ecuador to visit the YFC ministry and staff there. While we were there, Mayra lead a training session for YFC Ecuador volunteers (pictured). This experience was very helpful for me as we continue to build the ENGAGE Program to most effective train and prepare our volunteers to serve well in the host country.


MAY 14, 2019 // Katie returned from her three month placement in Ireland this spring. She loved being an active part of the ministry team there and is excited to return to the UK for Bible college in the Fall!


MAY 20 – 29, 2019 // Summer Institute continues to be one of my favourite YFC events of the year. Summer Institute takes place at Redeemer College and is a week long training event for new (or new-ish) YFC staff from across Canada, as well as invited international participants. This year was my third year as part of the leadership team (pictured); it is so incredible to be included as part of this team – learning from the best as we equip YFC staff!


JUNE 11, 2019 // After completing several assignments, a long paper, attending multiple training events, and having a two interviews by a panel (above photo)… I am officially a credentialed member of Youth for Christ Canada! This is a way of recognizing the completion of my ministry training, as well as my gifts and calling, and holds staff accountable to the vision and values of YFC Canada. This summer at the YFC National Ministry Conference, all staff that have completed their credentialing requirements this year will be recognized.


JUNE 13, 2019 // Jeff has now returned from his 9 month placement in Cyprus. Jeff volunteered with multiple YFC ministries in Cyprus, including a local high school ministry, music, coffee shop, drop in, and videography. This placement also helped us at YFC Canada to continue building our relationship with ministries of YFC in the Middle East. (PHOTO: Jeff on the streets of Limassol at night)


JUNE 16, 2019 // This spring Mark and I moved into our new house! We purchased a duplex with our family, and will be building an addition this summer to make it a triplex. We are so thankful for a beautiful house and beautiful property that we can settle into.


JUNE 25 – 30, 2019 // This yearly conference gathers all Youth for Christ staff across Canada for a time of training, fellowship, and team building. Each year the location moves, and this year the conference takes place in Quebec City. Mark and I will be driving (so pray our little car makes it!) to the conference, and then taking some vacation time to continue driving East to visit family. (PHOTO: NMC last year in British Colombia)


JULY & AUGUST 2019 // This summer I am striving for a season of REST and RESET after a very busy spring. We plan to work on our new house, welcome a puppy into the family, and have a lot of slow mornings and late night campfires. Looking to September, I am planning a refresh of the ENGAGE Program with lessons learned from this year. This Fall we also plan to launch a new ENGAGE promotional campaign and hope to add to our team. Please continue to pray about what is next for the ministry of ENGAGE!