Top Reading Picks of 2019

I'll admit, I'm a sucker for Netflix. There is nothing like chilling out, eating some popcorn, and watching something on your television screen. But! In an effort to save some brain cells, I set a lofty goal for myself to read a whole bunch of books this year. I love reading, but I've been so… Continue reading Top Reading Picks of 2019

You are not enough (and that’s okay)

There's a phrase that I've seen floating around the internet, especially in Christian female circles, and at first glance it's empowering. "You are enough!" At first, I kind of felt weird about this phrase, but I wasn't sure why. Maybe it was my own insecurities, not believing it or not feeling "enough". Not pretty enough,… Continue reading You are not enough (and that’s okay)

2019 Book Reviews

At the beginning of the year, I decided that I wanted to commit to reading more this year (I guess you could call it a New Year's resolution). I used to be a HUGE reader; flying through whole series in a week as a kid. High school and university pretty much killed my enjoyment of… Continue reading 2019 Book Reviews