Plane to Ukraine | April 2018

P L A N E    T O    U K R A I N E
In February’s newsletter, I shared a bit about Nicole, an ENGAGE volunteer who has been preparing for her placement for quite some time but kept hitting road blocks. Just when everything finally looked ready for her to go to the Czech Republic, her visa was denied and we were stuck wondering what was next. As I shared in my last newsletter, God is never stuck or surprised, and we learned that He had been preparing a place for her in Ukraine. You all must have been praying over this situation because her visa was approved on March 29th and she is arrived safely in Ukraine on April 10th! After months of waiting, rearranging, and not knowing – this has all come together incredibly fast and I am so excited to see the first ENGAGE volunteer sent out since I stepped into my role of Program Coordinator in January.

Here are some thoughts from Nicole since she started her volunteer placement:

“It has been a week today since I left for Ukraine to go on this call God placed on my heart. For the short time I have been here I have noticed that although their country isn’t rich they are very welcoming people. I have been blessed to have the privilege to live with the amazing family Slad family… I am teaching them English and they are teaching me Ukrainian; they are so smart.  They are a big family, [and] one of the things that make this family so amazing is their big hearts. Most days I am volunteering with kids at the Day Center teaching English and other subjects. On Thursdays there is a youth thing at the church called “Safe Space” which is kind of like [“The Door”] in Fergus. Please pray for the family I am living with I know they would appreciate it.”

Sasha, the National Director of YFC Ukraine, also sent me an update on Nicole’s first week, saying, “I believe Nicole will be good blessing for [these] Ukrainian kids… She has motherly heart, so children [are] running to her.”

I am so looking forward to hearing more updates from Ukraine and grateful for the opportunity to experience it firsthand. I believe this trip will not only be helpful to Nicole as I walk alongside her (figuratively and literally!) in this journey, but also to me as I strive to grow in my capacity to empower and enable international volunteers.

Thank you for your partnership with this ministry!

S P E C I A L    R E Q U E S T

In June, I have the opportunity to travel to Ukraine and Germany as part of my role as ENGAGE Program Coordinator. In Ukraine I will be able to continue to build the partnership we’ve started with YFC Ukraine, visit a YFC Canada missionary based in Ukraine, meet with Nicole a couple months into her placement, and to see firsthand the impact Nicole is making on Ukraine and that Ukraine is making on her!
In Germany I will be able to meet with YFC staff as they celebrate their 70th anniversary of YFC in Germany, and learn firsthand from the team that facilitates almost 100 international volunteer placements every year! The ENGAGE ministry is designed after the well established international volunteer ministry of YFC Germany, and the chance to learn from them will have a huge impact for the effectiveness and growth of ENGAGE in Canada.
The cost of this mission, to further establish Nicole in Ukraine and learn from YFC Germany, will be about $2500. I am asking for your help. To make a special gift towards the cost of this, please click HERE and in the comments section type “AS2TR18”.
T H A N K    Y O U !

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