One Year Later | May 2018

O N E    Y E A R    L A T E R 
Friends, this officially marks one year since I wrote my first Youth For Christ e-newsletter (read it here!). You might remember that in that newsletter I talked about the four international participants who were attending YFC Canada’s Summer Institute Training for new staff at Redeemer University in Hamilton (they inspired this blog post). Well, I am back at Redeemer and we are just wrapping up this year’s SI Training and I want to share some of these new stories with you!
Summer Institute might just be one of my favourite YFC events of the year; there is something special in hearing about unique ministries all across Canada (and the world!) and we spend the whole week learning together and building relationships. I also love the opportunity to spend time with the international participants, as we brainstorm ideas for connecting YFC ministries in new ways.
Below is a picture of me with the four international participants (Nunzio, Viviana, Hector, and Kiki), taken last week.

IMG_3741 (2)

Nunzio has kept me on my toes this week with his quick wit and amusing insights on Italian culture! He is the ministry leader in Naples (apparently the location of Italy’s best pizza) and wants to continue to see this ministry grow in capacity and creativity.
Please pray for Nunzio and the ministry of Naples, Italy as they impact youth in their community.

Viviana oozes love and warmth, and has an inspiring hunger for time spent with Jesus. She contributes a huge amount to YFC Bolivia as a volunteer, sharing the love and values of Jesus in Bolivian schools.
Please pray for Viviana and the community of people that she impacts.

Something that I appreciate about Hector is how he shares what is on his heart and mind. He is slow to speak, not because English is his second language, but because he is taking his time to think and speak with wisdom. When he talks, there is evident thoughtfulness and wisdom that invites you to listen.
Please pray for Hector is his new role of Regional Director for Central America and as he works to develop leaders across his region.

Kiki (Kristian)
Kiki is absolutely hilarious. He is full of energy and passion, and infects everyone around him with his joy. He has big dreams for the newly developing YFC ministry in Serbia and a big heart to match.
Please pray for Kiki as he works to develop partnerships within his community to help launch and spread the work of YFC in Serbia.

To learn more about YFC ministries internationally, CLICK HERE.


 Last month I shared about the opportunity to travel to Ukraine/Germany this Spring. The trip has been postponed until Fall, with some potential modifications to my itinerary. If you are interested in contributing a one time donation to this special project, please use code AS2TR18.