October 2017

E – N E W S L E T T E R

F A S T E N    Y O U R    S E A T B E L T 

“Ladies and gentlemen, we have had an engine failure and will be returning to the airport. Please fasten your seatbelt.” Not exactly what you want to hear 10 minutes into a flight, but just what our pilot said after a flash and bang explosion out the left window of our airplane.

Now I don’t love flying to begin with, but let me be totally honest with you – unlike the woman crying behind us, I felt an overwhelming, heart filling, body encompassing sense of peace. I get sweaty palms thinking about rollercoasters but in that moment I wasn’t the least bit fazed that our plane was going down instead of up. Obviously Mark and I are fine, the pilot landed the plane and we eventually made it back to Toronto.  I could not shake that sense of peace I felt during such a dramtic experience.  That strange sense of peace has been a familiar friend lately.

2017 has been marked as a year of faith. I have been challenged, scared, leapt forward, failed, doubted, been stretched, and grown more than in any other year I can remember. But through it all, there has been a lingering and underlying peace. Like an itch that can’t be scratched.

Here’s what I know: There are a lot of things that I just don’t understand, but God does. He is in control, just like that pilot, and when things seem like they’re going down all I can do is sit tight, buckle up, and trust that He knows what He’s doing.

Let’s keep the analogy going for a second and imagine that my ministry with YFC Canada is a plane. I want you to get on this flight with me. I want you to come alongside me in this journey of uncertainty and excitement and of letting God be the pilot. You will definitely have to fasten your seatbelt, because faith is a bumpy ride, but I promise that if you get on board, you will also find some of that supernatural peace too.

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