November 2017

R E F L E C T I N G    O N    2 0 1 7 

Friends, this year has been such a journey! It is so true that God can and wants to do more than we can imagine, and that He wants us to partner with Him in seeing His Kingdom come and His will be done. Since my career change into ministry, I have been inspired, challenged, overwhelmed, and excited to be welcomed into a community of people from all over the world who are committed to serving God and impacting the next generation.

As you know, YFC staff partner with like-minded individuals, businesses, and churches to cover all expenses, including salary, training, and travel. I am currently looking for 13 people who will join my support team at $100 per month, (or the equivalent, some can do more or some less) to meet my target budget and allow me to start fully working in the role of Program Director in January. If you can be one of these 13 people, please let me know by December 15th by getting in touch with me directly or by using the online form (FOUND HERE).

I need your help! There are young people waiting to be sent and you can help to send them. Thank you thank you thank you for your prayers, support, and love thus far. I am so excited to continue to share these incredible stories with you, about how together we are reaching every young person, in every region, of every nation, for Jesus.

Together in Christ,

B E C A U S E    O F    Y O U R    P A R T N E R S H I P

VANESSA: After completing four short-term missions trips, Vanessa chose to leave her career in the Canadian Military for missionary work. In 2016 she spent ten months in El Salvador as an international volunteer with the Engage! program, and in 2017 she joined YFC full time as a long-term missionary to El Salvador.

NICOLE: Nicole is currently preparing to serve for one year in the Czech Republic, as an international volunteer with the Engage! program. With the YFC Czech Republic ministry she will be serving the local community through drop in programs, English lessons, and youth clubs.

SEAL: Seal is the National Director for YFC Gambia, and I had the pleasure of meeting him at this year’s YFC General Assembly Conference. There, he shared the impact previous Engage! volunteers had made. Michelle, who was an Engage! volunteer and served in the local hospital, school, and library. Seal shared that they would LOVE to have more volunteers like Michelle return to The Gambia.

By partnering with the Engage! program, you are enabling us to train, equip, and send out more young missionaries like Vanessa, Nicole, and Michelle!

I want more information about partnering with Ashley’s Youth For Christ ministry.