New Website! | July 2019

You might be thinking to yourself, “A new website? Why?”. The ENGAGE Program needed a solid landing point for those interested in or considering applying to the ENGAGE Program. As well as being more informative, it also feels fresher and more modern – appealing to the YA target audience. The launch of this new website is the beginning of what I like to call, “Chapter Three”.

Chapter One (or, the first year of leading this ministry) was all about learning. Learning the heart of YFC, learning what worked well and what didn’t with ENGAGE, and learning from others. Chapter Two (year two!) was all about building; building new partnerships, building up the training program, and building a solid HR foundation. Here we are at the start of year three (Chapter Three!) which is all about growing. This website is the beginning of a promotional strategy which will seek out potential volunteers and direct them to our website. We are also planning to grow the capacity of ENGAGE by both increasing my capacity through additional hours (looking for additional partners to make that happen!) and by expanding the ENGAGE team.

Can you think of someone between the ages of 18-28 who might be interested in volunteering with YFC internationally? Tell them to check out!

Thank you always for your continued support of this growing ministry!