June 2017

J U N E    2 0 1 7

E – N E W S L E T T E R

LEFT TO RIGHT: Pascal (Director of YFC Tanzania), Mark (my lovely partner in crime), me, and Esther (Director of YFC Belgium) visiting Niagara Falls during the week long training for new Youth for Christ staff, Summer Institute. I had the opportunity to be both a participant and part of the leadership team, and Mark was invited for the second year in a row to teach a seminar on Anxiety, Suicide, and Depression.

Big things are happening.

Like Niagara Falls big.

June began month two of the new career and it has been full of big things. Though most of my time is focused on fundraising (creating a strong support system now guarantees longevity and sustainability in the future!), I have started to engage with some of the “day-to-day” elements of my position.

This day-to-day began with saying good-bye to the four international participants in the YFC SI training (see two of them above!). Over Canada Day, I will be attending a YFC’s annual National Ministry Conference in Winnipeg to promote the Engage! volunteer program – enabling us to send more young Canadians out to serve. With this program, I am mentoring and encouraging an individual as her time with Engage! in Lebanon comes to an end. Finally, I am meeting weekly with YFC Canada’s Global Engagement team (who are spread out from Vancouver to Thailand).

Thanks to you, I have also seen my monthly financial support DOUBLE since my last monthly newsletter. Because of your prayers and support, the Engage!program will continue to impact young people around the world. God continues to impress me with His plan, His timing, and His vision (I really shouldn’t be surprised). Please join me in praying that the rest of my support is confirmed in the coming weeks, so that I can launch into my role full time before September.

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