New Year, New Goals | January 2018

N E W    Y E A R  //  N E W    G O A L S

Every year in January, our church does a collective reset with 21 Days of Fasting and Prayer. Last year, my prayer was for God to finally provide an answer to the “thing” He was preparing me to do. It was during that time that my husband attended YFC’s Eastern Regional Retreat, and heard about the open position of Engage Program Coordinator. When Mark shared this opportunity with me, I heard God say “Yes!” and my head say “No!”. How funny it is that we often pray for something and then don’t like how God answers those prayers. A lot of times in the Bible when God presents people with a piece of His plan, they often react in fear, doubt, disbelief, and even try to backtrack. However, I’m learning that faith means stepping forward in ACTION even when (especially when!) it doesn’t all make sense.

So, here we are a year later, once again in a time of fasting and prayer, and this time I am attending the YFC Eastern Regional Retreat as a national staff member. Looking back, I can see so clearly how God was preparing me and how He was so excited for what was just around the corner. It is true, He is always in control and always has a plan up His sleeve!

Now that I am officially half-time in the role of Engage! Program Coordinator, I’ve been given the go ahead to start the things I had been planning over the last year. The first big thing on my list has been the training that Engage! participants receive before they leave Canada to serve as volunteer missionaries overseas for a year. I have been talking to and learning from the Directors of similar programs in other countries, and I’m honoured to have the opportunity to invest in these young leaders. My goal is to make this training as efficient and effective as it can be. Do you know someone between the ages of 18-27 who might be interested in serving with YFC internationally for a year? Let me know!

As I begin this year, I know that God is still in control and still at work. I am so excited to see what He does next, and I know He has big things in mind for the Engage! program. Would you consider investing in this ministry? 

P R A Y E R    R E Q U E S T S

  • Nicole as she prepares to serve in the Czech Republic
  • Peter and Tamas as they come from Hungary to serve with Camp Cedarwood (YFC Manitoba) this summer
  • Former Engage! participant, Vanessa, as she leaves Canada to start her full-time ministry role in El Salvador
  • New National Director of YFC Canada (Tim Coles) and new Director of YFC International (Dave Brereton) as they transition into their roles
  • Reaching 100% in financial support, allowing me to work full-time as Engage! Program Coordinator (we’re so close – see below!)


F I N A N C I A L    S N A P S H O T 
I am looking for 25 new partners, with commitments ranging from $10/month to $100/month, to help me reach 100%! With these 25 new partners, I will have reached 100% and will be able to start working full-time as YFC Canada’s Engage! Program Coordinator! YES, COUNT ME IN!


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