God is Faithful | June 2018

Friends, I have so many exciting updates to share with you, and they are all just incredible examples of God’s faithfulness & provision!

JEFF // A couple months ago I shared about my friend Jeff who is preparing to go to Cyprus as an ENGAGE volunteer. We knew that he had a lot of money to raise to cover the expenses of his trip, and that he didn’t have a lot of time to do it. We are both BLOWN away to share that in only a couple weeks Jeff has seen two-thirds of his goal committed by excited and encouraging partners. This amount of support and provision could only come from God, and has reassured Jeff that he is on the right path!

ENGAGE // Over the past six months, my biggest goal was renovating and updating the ENGAGE program so that we could most effectively empower and equip more young missionaries. After working hard on updating our training procedure, our application process, our on-boarding policies, and beginning a promotional strategy, we now have increased capacity to take on additional volunteers and increased efficiency send them out! God has been opening door after door for me to share about this ministry with my own community but also with YFC staff across Canada who may be unfamiliar with the ENGAGE program. This week, I will be at our National Ministry Conference and have the opportunity to host a workshop about the ENGAGE program and the lasting impact international service projects can have on participants. This fall my plan is to continue to promote ENGAGE across the country, and to start sharing about ENGAGE in Christian high schools and colleges.

WE’RE MOVING! // In another incredible example of God’s unexpected provision, Mark and I have been given the opportunity to move to Guelph this fall at no cost. We will be house-sitting (and dog-sitting!) for approximately one year for a lovely Christian couple who are temporarily moving abroad for work. This is such a blessing to us, and the whole scenario is such a “God story”. We are excited to be heading to Guelph, where Mark currently works for Guelph Youth For Christ, and where I used live during university.

A year ago, I was so uncertain as to how this would all work out. I had taken the leap of faith, but I had so much doubt; I was holding onto a tiny thread of hope that God would provide for us if we followed Him. Now we are celebrating as God has provided more than we asked for in ways we never expected.

Join us on July 22nd as we celebrate together all that God has done over the last year; there is so much to be thankful for. [ CLICK FOR MORE INFORMATION ]



F I N A N C I A L     U P D A T E
Thanks to so many faithful and generous partners, I am at 73% of my goal and have been able to work 30hrs/week since April! My goal is to be able to start working full-time (40hrs/week) in September 2018, allowing me to continue to grow the ENGAGE program.
To reach this goal, I am looking for an additional $825/month in support –
would you join my support team? Click HERE to partner with the ENGAGE ministry