Run with it | February 2018

R U N    W I T H    I T !

This time last year I was praying about taking this job with Youth For Christ Canada, knowing deep down that God was calling me into something and that He wanted me to obey. But saying “Yes” to God was just the first step.

Recently, I was asking God what He wanted me to do next. I had obeyed and said yes, but now what? At a conference a couple weekends ago, one speaker addressed this very question. After obeying (which, if you have children you know can come with a lot of grumbling and foot dragging!), God wants us to move into a place of offering. Not just doing what we’re told, but then giving it all we’ve got! It was as if God was saying, “I prepared you, positioned you, called you and you said yes – but now go for it girl! Run with it! Stretch your wings, use the talents I’ve given you, you’re where I want you to be, don’t hold back!” Still being a bit hesitant, I asked my boss how much he wanted me to check in with him regarding new tasks and responsibilities I had been given, now that I’m operating in the role of Engage Program Coordinator. His response? “Run with it… call for help when needed”. I can almost feel the Holy Spirit inside of me, chomping at the bit, saying “Let’s run!”.

So, in this exciting new season, I wanted to let you know what is going on and what things I am running into with God. The Engage! program as it exists now is operational and has a great international reputation, but it needs a bit of a renovation. The To Do List includes a new website, a streamlined application process, a new training manual, new branding materials, and new promotional materials, among other things. I also have three international volunteers that are coming or are already in Canada that I am helping to support, as well as two (potentially three!) volunteers to interview, train, supervise, and mentor as they are sent from Canada to YFC ministries in other countries. I am learning about government websites and Visa applications as well as developing new relationships with YFC ministries around the world as we look to partner together. I am also starting the YFC credentialing process and have just returned from a training workshop last week. There is lots to do, and I am still only working part time! This is where you can really start to see the great benefit an extra 10 hours a week could make, not only for me but for the team of volunteers I am investing in. I am only $165/month away from adding those extra 10 hours/week and expanding my capacity as Engage Program Coordinator; can you be a part of making that happen? (Yes? Click here! Maybe? Let’s chat!)

Thank you so much for your prayers for me, this ministry, and the missionary volunteers that I get to equip and empower through the Engage! program. Your generous partnership has equipped and empowered me, and to be so close to reaching this next milestone of 75% is so encouraging and such a gift from God. Thank you for running alongside me and cheering me on.

“I don’t know about you, but I’m running hard for the finish line. I’m giving it everything I’ve got.”

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