Changing Lives | July 2018


It is relatively easy to imagine the impact an international volunteer might have on the youth they are interacting with, or the ways in which they might be able to bless the local ministry… but what kind of impact might it have on the volunteer themselves?

THEIR CONCEPT OF HOME CHANGES // Living in a new culture, surrounded by the local language, traditions, and people may be difficult at first, but volunteers quickly find a love for their new “home”. The hospitality of the host nation, combined with new experiences and new friendships, will put that nation inside the volunteer’s heart forever.

THEY GROW MORE CONFIDENT // Whether that’s confidence in travelling solo, speaking a new language, confidence in new skills, in sharing their faith, or a new sense of independence, volunteers will return home with a boosted sense of confidence.

THEY DEVELOP A MORE GLOBAL MINDSET // It is inevitable that volunteering abroad will challenge and change their mindset, while developing their cultural awareness and giving them a new perspective and a heart for people.

THEY GROW AS A SERVANT // Patience, humility, a willingness to learn, and a servant heart are crucial for a successful placement. As a volunteer is stretched and forced to grow in these areas, they will only be better equipped to serve others in the future.

TRAVEL BECOMES MORE MEANINGFUL // After a volunteer placement, they may find it increasingly difficult or even superficial to get satisfaction from traditional vacations. Adding meaning to a trip, giving back, and getting to know the people – not just see the sights, are all things that becoming increasingly important.

A CHANGE IN CAREER // Whether is be through the people they meet, the culture they’ve engaged with, or even new ways of doing things, an international volunteer placement opens them up to new possibilities and can uncover new passions. We hope that ENGAGE makes lifelong missionaries, in Canada or overseas!

THEIR PERSPECTIVE OF MONEY CHANGES // As they raise support for their placement, the volunteer sees God’s provision and the generosity of the church firsthand. Living on God’s provision and in a country where the standard of living is likely different changes their perspective on spending, the value of money, and giving back. The volunteer will often come home with an increased sense of thankfulness and generosity, feeling the need to spend less on themselves and more on others.

A NEW DEPTH OF FAITH // Obeying Jesus’s call to go and serve, being put in an unfamiliar and often challenging situation, and sharing the love of the gospel puts the volunteer in a prime position to learn new things about God, grow in their faith, and built their testimony. This is the MOST exciting impact that Engage can have on a participant; an impact on their own spiritual journey.


Do YOU know someone who might be a good candidate for the ENGAGE Program with YFC Canada? Anyone who is between 18 – 28 years old and interested in serving with Youth for Christ as an international volunteer for 3 -12 months is eligible. A great opportunity for students looking to take a gap year, recent graduates, or young adults interested in experiencing life as a missionary.
M O R E    I N F O R M A T I O N